Offshore & ports

For example, power transmission customised for the offshore sector and ports means that a major advantage in fuel consumption can be achieved on a stationary vessel because traditional doubling is unnecessary thanks to our DP-2 system with interconnected networks. 

Particularly within the offshore sector and the port area, there is still much to be gained in the power drive field. Complex processes often consist of a number of linked, one-off production resources with their own drive, which are provided by the supplier. Fine for the product itself, but unfortunately, often a disruption in the entire process. D&A® electric specialists provide a drive that matches demand and is optimally integrated into the underlying process.  


The advantages for offshore and ports at a glance:

• Optimisation of the processes

• Significant savings in energy consumption

• Environmentally friendly alternative to existing techniques

• Less impact loads• Variable speeds/rotational revs

• Lower maintenance costs

Pilot Station Vessel 'Polaris'

The 'POLARIS' is the first in a series of three pilot vessels that have been built to replace current pilot vessels. The pilot boats are permanently at sea and play a pivotal role in the logistical process of transferring and collecting registered pilots on board. The vessels are driven by two main electric motors and six diesel-electric engines. As a result, during normal station operations, use can be made of considerably reduced capacity. 


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