D&A®electric creates solutions... for you!


The growing interest in energy saving technology and efficiency has turned the spotlight on power transmission. Indeed, an environmentally friendly and efficient power drive for products, machines and machine parts pays off!


Although this also applies to products and (production) processes that occur relatively infrequently, especially here, there is much to be gained. The main reason is that power transmission is a complex field with few genuine specialists. It is a combination of mechanical, electro-technology and process control. The associated automation must ensure that the drive fits into the larger process.


D&A® electric creates power transmission solutions for better process control, greater energy efficiency and a greener image. Whether it's for complete diesel-electric ship propulsion, offshore installations, industrial processes or only one component of these. Small or large. In a supportive or active role!


D&A® electric starts from the needs of the client and the process DNA. Understanding the processes, the possible problems and opportunities forms the basis for the development of an automated tailor-made drive, independent of manufacturers and installations, matching the demand and integrating it into the process.


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