MTS Amulet, an eco-tanker with a clear conscience 

In 2010, the motor tanker Amulet was taken into service. The 135-meters long and 14.15-meters wide vessel was commissioned by Frans Jansen, his son Igor and Ton van der Molen. They wanted as clean a ship as possible. The MTS Amulet is ‘green’ and sustainable, but also economic and competitive. The entire diesel-electric powered eco-tanker is ahead of its time.

Savings of 35% to 40% have been demonstrated in various usage profiles of the ship!




Tanker type C


VOF Amulet

Built by

Holland Shipyard, Hardinxveld-Giessendam




D&A® electric was responsible for the design, implementation, commissioning and turnkey delivery of the complete drive system, comprising:

- 1 D&A® Main Switchboard for 5 generators

- 1 D&A® PMS power management system

- 1 D&A® User interface system

- 2 D&A® Eprop panels for the propulsion of 850kW each

- 1 D&A® Ebow panel for the bow thruster of 550kW

- 20 D&A® Epump drives for the cargopumps of 52kW each

- 1 D&A® Rotating converter for the normal board net of 120kVA

- 2 electric motors for propulsion

- 1 electric motor for the bow thruster


MTS Amulet


Logical solutions... for shipping

The Eprop system is a frequency-controlled diesel-electric drive that allows a normal barge to use up to 40% less fuel without any loss of speed. This result is determined by a different way of looking at the entire vessel, it’s normal sailing behaviour and the desired speed. The propulsion train is adjusted accordingly and shows significantly better fuel returns.




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